Question: Why sunless tanning?

Answer: Spray tans are a healthy alternative to sunbathing. This option will not expose the skin to damaging sunrays and potential skin cancer.

Question: How long are the sessions?

Answer: Tanning sessions usually take 15 minutes. The duration of body scrubs prior to tanning is predetermined by clients.

Question: Do you have to scrub before getting airbrushed?

Answer: You do not have to get the body scrub option when getting the spray tan. However, we recommend showering and exfoliating the skin before getting airbrushed.

Question: How long until I can shower after my session?

Answer: We recommend waiting about eight hours.

Question: What do I wear while getting airbrushed?

Answer: We encourage clients to wear whatever they’re most comfortable in. The spray tan will not stain clothing.

Question: Will airbrush tanning protect me from a sun burn?

Answer: No, whenever going in the sun always wear sun protection.

Question: Is spray tanning safe on my skin?

Answer: Yes, spray tanning is safe. Dihydroxyacetone, also known as DHA or glycerone, is a simple carbohydrate. This is a plant source containing sugar beets and sugar cane. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) included DHA to their approved ingredients in cosmetics in the 1970s.

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